Barrie Apartment Project

Barrie Apartment Project pic
Barrie Apartment Project

     Ontario, Canada

     124 units


Product Supplied:

Kitchen Cabinet & Bathroom Cabinet

Product Material:

Carcase: 16mm moistureproof melamine particle board

Door: 18mm high gloss UV MDF

Countertop: White and black quartz stone

Handle: aluminum alloy

Hardware: BLUM concealed drawer slid, soft closing

Style: kitchen cabinets white


To get the best results, you need to start from scratch. Re-evaluate your goals and consider your past mistakes. A one-wall kitchen and L-shaped cabinets with high-gloss white UV door panels can make a small space appear larger. White is also a bright color, which can make any room look bigger if it has poor lighting.

Although they featured in the elegant style, the white cabinets maintain a modern appearance. The color of the cabinet, tiles, and other kitchen utensils and appliances provides a harmonious combination, regardless of the color scheme used.

Bathroom Cabinet Design Idea

Sample kitchen cabinet assembly for evaluating