Delivery and Shipment

Delivery and Shipment

We ship worldwide to every country around the world while. And working with trusted international shipping businesses. To get your package there safely and on schedule. We also provide some special product samples for free. Along with big orders we sell to most worldwide locations.

The order confirmation and production statement:

Order Confirmation

If you have confirmed your order with us. You will receive an email for the final PI, drawings, and other confirmations from our sales. If you have questions about your order. Please reach out to us before the processing stage. Otherwise, we will proceed with the production.

Production Process 

Depending on the type of products. The processing time will vary depending on different products range as below.

For kitchen cabinets and wardrobes: 35-40 days

For kitchen cabinet doors: 20-25 days

For acrylic sheets: 25-30 days

For lamiante MDF boards: 20-25 days

We consult and supervise all your shipments.  Our international sales will send you photos and videos during the production.  If you believe there is an issue with your order, please email your sales directly.

The tracking statement for delivery and shipment:


With many international shipping providers. We're equipped to furnish you with a variety of shipping alternatives. Contact our sales to decide on your preferred shipping terms and method. 

If you're shipping small packages or samples, such as catalogs and samples. Using a faster express service such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT. These services are well-suited for small shipments.

If you're shipping large items, you might want to consider shipping in containers. We offer free help with arranging the logistic services. That is necessary for shipping under the EXW Incoterm. Below are the steps to ship from China to your destination port.

1. Goods are ready at the factory

The factory offers a packing list to customers to help them ship their products.

2. Booking container

The client provides the factory with the destination address and consignee information.

3. Loading container at the factory

The factory will load their goods onto the container, and email pictures to the customer.

4. Exporting declaration

Factory and shipping agent collaborate to prepare the export documentation and customs declaration

5. Shipping

6. Destination port

The factory provides Telex B/L and imports custom clearance papers to clients. To help them do custom clearance of imports.

7. Import customs clearance

The shipping company arranges the declaration and trucks. To transport the products from the destination port to the customer's project site.

8. Project site

The client arranges for unloading the products to the site and then doing the installation.

The B/L will be confirmed when the cargo is on board. Then we'll proceed with the documents according to our trading terms. You can track your cargo based on the information we provide.

The delivery confirmation statement for delivery and shipment:

Delivered cargo

The shipping company provides a tracking number for delivery. When the cargo is at your destination port, the shipping company will inform you to take it out from the local customs.

Importing Tax

Our prices are made up of duty unpaid foreign trade points. And import duties are contingent on your nation's Customs Department. As well as on the shipping method, so you can check your local Customs office for more information.

Contact Us 

If for any reason, when you have a question after receiving the item. Please give us a call or leave a message, and our customer service team will offer you a satisfactory response.