Kingswood Apartment Project

Kingswood Apartment Project pic
Kingswood Apartment Project

     Sydney, Australia

     15 units


Product Supplied:

Kitchen Cabinet

Product Material:

Carcase: 16mm moistureproof melamine particle board

Door: 18mm MDF with high gloss lacquer WHITE

Countertop: Black quartz stone

Handle: Stainless steel

Hardware: BLUM Tandem box, soft closing

Style: kitchen cabinets paint


This is a rental unit in Kingswood with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

In this project, we designed a typical one-wall kitchen cabinet style, simple, practical, and suitable for rental housing. The whole cabinet adopts white lacquer door panels, matched with black quartz stone countertops, and the color difference between the two tones is bright, which gives the cabinet a classic appearance.

Assembled packing pictures