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2023 Kitchen Trends: The Best Choice to Design a Functional Kitchen

2023 Kitchen Trends: The Best Choice to Design a Functional Kitchen

  • Wednesday, 07 June 2023
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Decorating the kitchen is an art that is constantly evolving. Since this room is one of the most important and most used in the house.

In fact, the kitchen has always been considered the central place of the house. Space for sharing, and conviviality both with family and friends. Kitchen design can not be separated from the color, type of material, layout, and technology that accompanies it. Here we have kitchen trends to follow in 2023 for color, material and some others to create an elegant and functional kitchen.

1. Practicality and function

For some years now we have seen the solutions of the wardrobe that hides appear on the market. A stylistic choice widely used in homes that marry a minimal design not only for the kitchen environment but also for other places in the house. And for 2023, the hidden kitchen solution is definitely a trend to take into consideration. In fact, retractable kitchens are now a choice of furniture used not only to meet the needs of small spaces but also as a choice of pure design.

Doors with sliding panels, or folding doors, in different colors and materials, often coordinated with the colors of the wall, once opened reveal a real kitchen behind them, equipped with all comforts, latest generation appliances, etc. Hidden kitchens are one of the increasingly used solutions also to furnish a living area that combines living room and kitchen.

hidden kitchen

2. Colors

Although the more traditional colors such as wood, in all its essences and shades, and the shocking colors such as black, purple, and yellow still retain interest and attention. However, green, gray and blue, anthracite, burgundy, and deep and vibrant colors will be the most used colors for the trendy kitchens of 2023. This time we look at how blue color affects the design of a kitchen.

Blue, with its shades ranging from overseas to almost indigo, really lends itself to many interpretations and consequently is adaptable to various kitchen styles, from the most modern and design to the most classic and traditional kitchens. For which the choice of blue color can represent the right element to play down and make the furniture more current.

It's time to see how the color gray affects the kitchen. In fact, gray is a very popular color because of its neutrality. Because it is still more decisive and incisive than white, but at the same time it is not "excessive" as colors such as red, yellow, etc. The choice of gray for the kitchens is synonymous with design, contemporaneity, but also elegance.

Green is certainly an important color and is able to give a strong character to the kitchen. Among its infinite shades, in the 2023 trends, dark green, or bottle green, is certainly a color that will not go unnoticed in kitchens. Remaining therefore always in the green field, two other colors for kitchen furniture in 2023 are also sage green and aqua green.

3. Materials

In accordance with a more sustainable lifestyle adjusted to the objectives of the millennium, from now on interior designers are trying to replace plastic with natural materials. 

In the kitchen, the use of natural materials is a priority that also requires your attention and investment. For example, kitchen furniture with marble, granite, and unpainted wood countertops become essential elements. Not only do they have an overwhelming aesthetic presence, but they are increasingly appreciated for their health benefits since they do not require chemical treatment when cleaning and disinfecting them.

 white kitchen cabinet

4. Technology and sustainability

If it is true that the kitchen has always been the heart of the home, the "old" home, it is equally true that today, in the digital age, even innovation has now entered in all respects this environment of our homes. And in fact, the kitchens of 2023 will be increasingly technological and interconnected. The offer of hi-tech, intelligent appliances, connected to each other and manageable via smartphone apps is now increasingly rich and articulated. And this also translates into greater efficiency and sustainability.

5. Accessories and complements

Among the 2023 must-haves for kitchens, there are certain accessories such as wine cellars, bar corners, and display cabinets. Thanks to the many interior design solutions, today these furnishing accessories can really represent the added value in your kitchen, thanks to accessories and lighting systems that transform and enrich the whole environment. Thus giving the kitchen a touch of modernity and elegance. That's the estimated trend that will happen to the kitchen in 2023 that you can use as a reference.

However, there are things to note that kitchen trends in each location, including countries, may vary depending on many factors.

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