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What Kitchen Cabinets are Best

What Kitchen Cabinets are Best

  • Sunday, 09 October 2022
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Kitchen cabinets are the built-in furniture installed in the kitchen for storing food. And often silverware and dishes for table service. Cabinetry can be both functional and stylish. It provides vital storage space while also lending personality to your kitchen design. 

When it comes time to select kitchen cabinets. There are many factors to consider to choose the best option for your home. Some important considerations include the style of your kitchen. The amount of space you have, and your budget. With so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. This article will provide five tips on what to look for when choosing kitchen cabinets. To make the best decision for your home.

1. Style: Shaker, Traditional, Contemporary

There are many different styles of kitchen cabinets to choose from. Each with its own unique benefits. No matter what style you choose.  The kitchen cabinets can help give your kitchen the storage and style it needs. When deciding on which style of kitchen cabinets to choose for your home. There are three main styles to consider: Shaker, Traditional, and Contemporary. 

Shaker cabinets are characterized by their simplicity. With clean lines and a lack of ornate details. The doors of Shaker cabinets are often made from five pieces of flat paneled wood. And the entire look is both sturdy and classic. 

Traditional kitchen cabinets tend to be more ornate than their Shaker counterparts. With details such as raised panels, crown molding, and decorative hardware. While these cabinets can give your kitchen a more elegant look. They may need more upkeep than simpler styles. 

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are the perfect blend of function and fashion. These cabinets often feature sleek lines and minimal hardware. Making them easy to clean and maintain.

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2. Layout: L-shape, U-shape, Galley

When planning your kitchen cabinets. There are three main types of layouts to consider: the L-shape, the U-shape, and the galley layout. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So it's important to choose the right one for your needs.

The L-shaped layout is the most popular choice for small kitchens. It's efficient and easy to work in, with everything within reach. But, it can feel cramped if there's not enough space between the two work areas.

The U-shape layout is ideal for medium to large kitchens. It provides plenty of workspace and storage options. But can be difficult to move around if you have a lot of traffic. An island can also be a great addition to a larger kitchen. Providing extra storage and prep space.

The galley layout is perfect for long, narrow kitchens. It's very efficient, with all appliances and storage within easy reach.

No matter what style of kitchen cabinets we going to plan, it stays with the above three options. What we need to keep in mind is that we always refer to that plan to set up a kitchen layout. And then select a cabinet design that fits the owner's personal preference in a certain style.

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3. Budget: Cheap, Mid-Range, High-End

There are three main types: cheap, mid-range, and high-end. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. So it's important to know what you're looking for before making a decision.

Shaker-style cabinets are a popular choice for those on a budget. As they tend to be more affordable than traditional or contemporary styles. Mid-range options include both shaker and traditional cabinets. As well as some contemporary designs. High-end kitchen cabinets can include any style. But are typically made of higher-quality materials and come with more features.

The cheapest option for kitchen cabinets is usually particle board. Or laminate construction with basic hardware. These cabinets are often mass-produced and have limited design and finish options. 

Mid-range kitchen cabinets are usually made of higher-quality materials. Such as plywood, with more choices in design, finishes, and hardware.

High-end kitchen cabinets are made from solid wood. With endless choices of design, finishes, and hardware. If you have the budget for it. The high-end kitchen cabinets can make a difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

4. Materials: Solid wood, Laminate, Metal

Some of the most popular cabinet materials options include solid wood, laminate, and metal. Each material has its own unique set of benefits. And drawbacks that should be considered when making a decision.

Solid wood is the most traditional option and is often the most expensive. It is also the most durable option, able to withstand years of use. A solid wood kitchen cabinet is a piece of furniture made entirely out of hardwood, such as oak or maple. These cabinets are usually very sturdy and can last for many years with proper care. Solid wood cabinets can be custom-made to fit any size kitchen, and they come in a variety of styles and finishes. 

Laminate is a more budget-friendly option. And it can still provide a high level of durability. Laminate kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste. Laminate is an easy-to-clean material that is ideal for busy kitchens. And it is made from a layer of surface laminate bonded to particleboard or MDF. It is available in a gloss or matte finish and can be textured to resemble wood grain. UV-cured, acrylics and PET laminates are the most scratch-resistant and heat-resistant laminates. 

Metal cabinets are the most modern option for outdoor or commercial kitchens. There are several types of metal cabinets. The most common being stainless steel and aluminum. Metal cabinets can be either freestanding or built-in. They are often used in commercial kitchens. Because they are easy to clean and do not absorb food odors as wood cabinets can. Metal cabinets come in a variety of styles and can be custom-made to fit any space.

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5. Colour: White, Black, Grey, Wooden Tones

A kitchen is the heart of the home. So choosing the right cabinet colors is essential for creating space. That reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer a Shaker-inspired look. A classic white kitchen, or something more modern. There are plenty of ways to incorporate color into your design. Here are some of the favorite kitchen cabinet color schemes:

Shaker-Inspired: This clean and simple style is perfect for those who want a classic look with a touch of elegance. White cabinets are accented with black or grey hardware for a refined look. You can also add wooden tones for a warm and inviting feel.

Traditional: Traditional kitchen cabinets are often made of wood and feature ornate hardware. White is the most common color choice for traditional cabinets. As it creates a clean and classic look. Black traditional cabinets can also be used to create a dramatic effect. While grey traditional cabinets add a touch of elegance.

If you want something more contemporary, then wooden tones are the way to go. You can choose from light or dark woods, depending on the entire look you want to achieve in your kitchen. Wood cabinets can also be stained or painted to match any décor style.


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets. Material, style, and cost are all important factors. But, the best kitchen cabinets are the ones that fit your specific needs and budget. Talk to a professional kitchen designer to get started on finding the perfect cabinets for your home.

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