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High Gloss UV MDF Board For Kitchen Cabinets

High Gloss UV MDF Board For Kitchen Cabinets

  • Tuesday, 11 October 2022
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UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet, it's the ultraviolet curing paint. The UV decorative panel is the surface of the board protected by UV paint treatment. 


  • 1. Bright surface treatment
  • 2. Easily processed 
  • 3. Industrial production scale
  • 4. Bright color
  • 5. Abrasion-resistant 
  • 6. Strong chemical resistance
  • 7. Long service life
  • 8. It doesn’t change color
  • 9. Easy to clean

The advantages presented above make it widely used in the modern decoration industry.

What is the composition of the UV MDF board?

  • 1. MDF base material
  • 2. Melamine paper
  • 3. UV paint
  • 4. Protection film
  • uv coated mdf board

3 advantages of our high-tech producing procedure

  • 1. The production line has a total length of over 160 meters, a dust-free workshop, and one-time molding to prevent issues such as color aberration, flawed surface, weak adhesion, and easy layer formation caused by excessive manual handling.
  • The delivery time is faster, and the daily output is around 2,000 sheets.

  • 2. The base coat, color paint and finishing coat all use UV paint, with bright and full color, good light transmittance, and strong adhesion between the UV paint and base materials.

  • 3. The product’s color quality is stable, with visible differences in color.

What are the six advantages of the high gloss UV MDF board?

  • 1Bright appearance and high brightness.
  • 2. UV paint is anti-oxidant, and anti-yellowing, does not fade, and it retains its bright appearance even after being used for a long time.
  • 3. Environmental protection and safety- UV paint is one of the most environmentally friendly paints as it does not release any toxic and harmful gases.
  • 4. High surface hardness & wear and scratch resistance.
  • 5. Easy to clean. The UV board is ideal for greasy locations such as the kitchen.
  • 6. Compared to the lacquer, the UV MDF board has a short production cycle, it’s easy to process, and easy to repair using the same color, thus making it more widely used than the lacquer-based version.

  • What are the categories of UV MDF boards for kitchen cabinets?

  • UV Solid Colors

    • The UV solid color MDF board refers to a plain color with a paint thickness of 0.4 mm, which is popular in North America, Europe, and Oceania.
    • The color code of the pure white UV board is ZH-977. It consists of two types of white: pure white and metallic white. Due to the addition of the anti-yellowing substance, the raw costs will be a little bit higher than regular colors.
  • mdf board for kitchen cabinets

  • UV Wooden Grain

  • The UV wood-grain MDF board is a wood-grain melamine paper laminated on an MDF board, with a thickness of the paint surface of 0.4mm. The double-sided melamine paper has the same color, but UV paints are only on one side.
  • uv coated mdf board

  • UV Marble Series

  • The UV high-end marble series MDF board is a luxury design surface. The melamine surface paper is imported from Europe, the effect is more realistic, and we are one of the first factories to produce marble color in China. It's double-sided same-color melamine paper with UV paint on one side.
  • high gloss uv mdf board

  • UV Metallic

    • The UV metallic MDF board is made of color and metallic powder that’s placed on the polymer PVC film. The polymer PVC film is afterward pressed on the melamine board and then goes through the roll coating UV painting process. The surface will have a metallic effect. This can replace the effect of lacquer surface, it has a shorter production cycle than lacquer, and is more cost-effective. The thickness of the surface PVC film is 0.15-0.17mm, and the paint thickness is 0.4mm.

    • These board series are popular in the Middle East, Africa, and Asian countries and our ability to produce them with good quality have helped us to establish a good reputation in those areas.
    • mdf board kitchen

  • In short, choosing different series of styles of UV MDF boards for kitchen cabinet doors can be based on the customer’s preferences.  Our factory is able to provide hundreds of different styles for customers to choose from, which can meet most of their needs. Of course, we can also provide customized designs.  If the customer’s order reaches the minimum order quantity of melamine paper.  
  • We extend a warm welcome to any domestic and foreign distributors or cabinet manufacturers to visit our company for cooperation and negotiation. CONTACT US for discussing with us your perfect home design now!

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